Animal Bedding Animal Bedding Horse Bedding Straw bedding is very comfortable, insulating and absorbant 199326782 Chickens For the coop or the nest; chickens love the comfort of wheat straw 200194197 Dog House Bedding Dogs prefer straw bedding; its clean, dry, fluffy and insulating and your dog will form a perfect mold. That's why they tear up those blankets in their dog house. 200194198 Rabbit Bedding Fluffy and insulating. Try our double-chopped wheat straw; your rabbits will love it. 200194199 Rabbits 2 Wheat straw is the healthier choice compared to other straw or hay 200194200 Bale Decor Instant Table or Bar for outdoor entertaining. Straw or hay small squares. 205839240 Bale Decor 2 Instant Buffet and Benches! 205839241 Large Round Hay Bales 205839242 Construction Straw 205839243 Large Round Straw Bales Wheat 205839244 Large Square Straw Bales Wheat 205839245